Welcome to phonemetic.com – a blog that is dedicated to helping people learn about technology and business.

My name is Amit Ballal and I’m an aspiring blogger and entrepreneur adding value to people life.

I’m also an Engineer

From hobby to profession

So a few years back I started blogging with zero knowledge of blogging.

Started with blogger.com. As all youngsters get demotivated if they won’t get success, the same happened to me, zero visitors. Here was the end of my first blog.

In 2016 I started my YouTube channel Blank TV, where I used to post the video on technology, tips and tricks. Firstly I uploaded 2 videos, the same happened what happened one year back I got demotivated by not getting satisfactory views on videos. After 1 year I started uploading the video again but this time with full of motivation and regularity. The channel was growing and money was coming, I was feeling so motivated and proud and happy till the day my channel got banned in July 2018. Here was the end of my YouTube channel.

After 1 month in August, I started earning from Instagram by selling services/products. I earned a lot from it, but I was not satisfied with that work.

Now in current time I started my blog and wants to motivate people to do business and teach them technology related stuff. This is the main motive of my life

The principle which I follow ” low  risk high investment